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2014 San Diego Registration Form Information

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We want to encourage you to register early.  It helps so much in the planning.  If you need to withdraw from the reunion for any reason up to 5 days prior to the event you will receive a full refund.  If you withdraw within 5 days of the reunion you will be refunded the full amount if possible.  The only amount not refundable if withdrawal is during that 5 day period is any amount that your Association paid for your attendance that could not be recouped.  So you can see there is no need to wait until you figure out if you will be free to attend or the need to wait for any eventuality.

The cost per person for the events actually exceeds the regular registration rate of $299 per person.  We charge less for children to encourage folks to bring theirs and their grandchildren.   The incentives for early registration have to be paid for in some way.  We do get some concessions from the hotel which help but we still need other sources.   With incidental costs and the special things we need to raise extra money.  To enable us to do that we make up the difference with our auctions, raffles and sales of merchandise and hotel incentives. Your willingness and generosity in the past to bring and sell items, offer them for raffle and auction and pay dues and gifts has enabled us to maintain a modest bank account of about $5000 that we use if necessary to supplement the reunion events or pay for any unexpected situation.  We are hopeful to come out of this reunion with that amount and maybe a little more so we are set for the next reunion.  We are not about money but we are about having quality reunions at the most affordable rate possible, however, as much as we would prefer to charge nothing there must be a fee to cover the costs.   $299 is the the regular rate for adults.  $199 for children 5 up to 13 and under 5 are not charged.  We have some incentives to help make the reunion even more affordable that will also encourage early registration.   The early registration involves two approaches, early registration rates as well as eligibility for winning free room nights at the hotel.

Early registration rates are $279 for adults all inclusive for those registering by January 31, 2014.  Adult registration rates for those registering after January 31, 2014 will pay the regular registration rate of $299.

Early registration drawing for free room nights at Town and Country.  There will be 4 such drawings, one on each night of the reunion.  On night one a lucky person will win 4 room nights, on night two a person will win 3 room nights, on day 3 and 4 someone will win 2 room nights on each of those evenings.  Those registering before November 1, 2013 will be eligible for the 1st night drawing and any who do not win will be eligible for subsequent drawings.  Those registering before February 1, 2014 will be eligible for the 2nd night drawing and any who do not win will be eligible for subsequent drawings.  Those registering before April 1, 2014 will be eligible for drawings on nights 3 and 4 along with those from the other nights who did not win on those nights.

This form is for your registration for the events of the reunion, including your breakfasts, 4 lunches, 2 banquets, reunion transportation, event admission, entertainment, refreshments in hospitality room, name badges, and all the materials that are related to the reunions.

You will need to make reservations at the hotel directly for your rooms. You are responsible for your room real and any incidental costs you incur while there.

I have provided the above for instructive value and encouragement for you to register early and to get your friends to do the same.  You will see the link to the registration form below this sentence.









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