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USS Orleck Deck Logs

The Deck Log Project was a very energetic project designed to place all 37 years of USS ORLECK DD 886’s history as seen through the Deck Log entries that were diligently kept over those three plus decades she served as a United States Warship. After much planning and dreaming, Gary Peters dedicated himself to making this project dream a project reality and did just that. He also mentored John Barrios in the work and when Gary died, John continued the work without a beat being missed. Both Gary and John were such dedicated volunteers and we will be ever thankful for the excellent job they did. What appears below is the introduction and explanation for use of the project as written by Gary Peters.

Good Searching To You – Robert L. Orleck


Please note: The following entries have been reproduced as accurately as possible from the actual deck logs of the USS ORLECK (DD-886). In order to create a more readable and comprehensive view, I have taken some liberties with both structure and punctuation. Many of the original entries contain the actual names, service numbers and rank & rate of personnel in service aboard. In order to protect personal privacy, and avoid embarrassment, I have fabricated the names of individuals involved in violations of standards of conduct. Other entries which are not related to disciplinary matters, will contain the factual information as in the original logs. Any errors in spelling, punctuation or format are mine alone.

Gary R. Peters

In the event that your memory has deteriorated over the years, as mine has, or, if you were not involved with bridge operations, you may find the following definitions handy.

  • Ad: administration
  • AOL: absent over leave
  • ASW: Anti-Submarine Warfare
  • BCD: Bad Conduct Discharge
  • BuPers: Bureau of Personnel
  • Com: Commander
  • Des: destroyer
  • Div: division
  • OTC: Officer in Tactical Command
  • Pac: pacific
  • PAL: prisoner at large.
  • Pers: personnel
  • pgc: per the gyro compass
  • psc: per steering compass, the magnetic compass at the helm.
  • Ron: squadron
  • SOPA: Senior officer present afloat.
  • Sub: submarine
  • TAD: Temporary Additional Duty
  • T & pgc: True as per gyro-compass.
  • True: actual bearing from the gyro-compass.
  • Uncle: Local time
  • USNEV: Enlisted Volunteer, 18 years old when enlisted, served 1 year active duty, then sent to active reserve for 4 years or the inactive reserve for 6 years.

The Deck logs are in Microsoft Excel format.

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  1. Just saw a news story on TV that said the VA has impounded all deck logs from ships in Vietnam. Since we need this as evidence the Orleck served in coastal waters is there a way we can download the deck logs and save on our PC’s?

    • Please provide a link to that story. As far as having our deck logs downloaded, I think that would be quite a job but I am not an expert on that. It took 21 people typing 7 years to convert them from handwritten to typed in excel format. Thousands and thousands of pages. All the copies that we got for the work to be done were loaned to the USS ORLECK Museum in Lake Charles and are on-board the ship. If you want to know more about the project, I can post a report from John Barrios who shepherded much of the project to completion. Bob Orleck

  2. Phil Klotz logged into the Forum and posted this message. I thought it would fit in nicely under the deck logs. See what neat things you can find out when you were aboard just as Phil did. Bob

    Labor Day’s past
    Unread postby Philco » 03 Sep 2013 05:29 pm

    Got to thinking yesterday about where we were on the Labor Day’s during my 3 years aboard.

    Sept. 3, 1951. 0032: Ship at GQ, began shore bombardment of targets in Chongin Harbor. 0742: While at shore bombardment at Songjin, received 4 ROK Intellegence Personnel for transport to Wonsan. 1357: Proceeding up channel to Wonsan Harbor. 1428: Moored portside to USS LEO (AKA-60) for ammo and fuel. 1625: Underway having received 100 rounds AA Common and 41,764 gallons fuel. 1911: Lying to off port beam of USS WEDDERBURN (DD-684) for transefer of mail & passenger. 1920: Recieved YOUNT, J. M. END1 for duty.

    Sept. 8, 1952. 0000: Conducting shore boabardment, interdiction and harassing fire against assigned targets South of Tanchon, Korea. 0400: Conducting shore bombardment South of Chaho, Korea. 1700: Lying to to investigate section of bilge keel, frame 80 Port side. 1715: Diver over the side investigating loose section of bilge keel. 1825: Diver brought aboard. 2030: Conducting shore bombardment South of Chaho, Korea.

    Sept. 7, 1953. 0000: In a nest of ships in Yokosuka, Japan. Ships in nest from Port to Starboard; USS JOHN R CRAIG (DD-885) USS ORLECK (DD-886) USS PERKINS (DDR-877) USS FLOYD B PARKS (DD-884) and USS FRONTIER (AD-25)

    You can look in the ships Logs to see where you were and what was going on while you were aboard.

    • Thanks for posting that Phil. Wish we could see more such posts from others. How about those who were aboard on September 15 which is the anniversary date for USS ORLECK By the way she is coming up on her 68th birthday. Bob

  3. I’m going through a hearing eval. with the VA and knowing how many rounds of 5″/38’s that were fired while I was in the gun mount might help.

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