Mar 252015

On March 12-15, 2015 men and women from the Destroyer USS ORLECK DD 886 Association joined with sailors from other ships, men, women and children from the area of her location in Lake Charles with the USS ORLECK NAVAL MUSEUM to hold the first Field Days since the ship was moved there in 2009.  Eighty folks gathered and had a great time joining in the beginning efforts to restore USS ORLECK DD 886 to represent her former time as a Westpac ready Vietnam Gearing Class Destroyer.

If you are interested in keeping in touch on the efforts to restore her click on and want to register for information at                  

Thanks to Dave Thornton and Rich Angelini for the photos below of the recently completed Field Days aboard USS ORLECK DD 886 on March 12-15, 2015. Daveis the son of a USS ORLECK sailor, Gilbert Thornton (1950-52) and Rich heads up the restoration of the USS KENNEDY DD 850 in Fall River Mass. The pictures are not arranged but are just random.  Will add more photos as received.

Mar 202015

Peter A. Huchthausen was a USS ORLECK sailor and author. He published an article in 2004 about USS ORLECK that David Slaughter pointed out on a Facebook post in US NAVY GEARING CLASS DESTROYERS Facebook page. If you do not belong to that closed group you should consider it. The site celebrates Gearing Class Destroyers and always has information posted about USS ORLECK. Bob Orleck is one of the pages admins.