USS Orleck Chronology


Joe Orleck’s Life

Are you having a little trouble remembering where you and the USS ORLECK were during your tour of duty? Click on the dates below and you just may be able to pinpoint the place and the memories will come flooding back. I spent over a year accumulating this chronology from as many sources as I could find. I believe that it is accurate, but if you find anything missing or in error, drop me a note at and include what your source is for the information.  Now, as a result of the 2013 restructure of our website, you will find the same data in a timeline format.  Just click on the particular timeline part you are interested in and you will see the narrative behind it.

For more detailed history please go to page entitled “Deck Logs” where you will find many months of the USS ORLECK Deck Logs in searchable format. This work was begun by Gary Peters, who passed away before it was completed.  Before he died he mentored John Barrios who did tremendous work and spent countless hours in working on the project.  He directed our many volunteers who also devoted much time and effort to obtaining and entering these deck logs into the searchable format.



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  1. Do you know anything about the sniper shooting that injured a sailor on board while Orleck was docked in Tacoma July 3 1976? I was part of the crew at the time and can’t find anything about it.

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