Lost Shipmates (help find them)

We have lost the addresses for some shipmates and some shipmates have lost track of some of their friends when they were on the USS ORLECK. Lets try to find some of these folks and get them on the roster so their friends can contact them and we can notify them of our reunion activities.

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Feb 052016

What we have here are photos and a couple of other items that were the part of an album that a gentleman by the name of Yurii Broughton found in a thrift shop in Florida. He was concerned that so much of this person’s life was here and yet it was not in the hands of the man or a relative who might want it. The album obviously from the contents belonged to Charles E. Mahle who was at some point in his life a USS ORLECK DD 886 sailor. Yurii contacted me and asked if I could find Mr. Mahle or a relative. He wanted to send the album to me in the hope that I could find someone who might be related and so he spent his own money to have it shipped to me. I spent a day scanning and getting those photos in this album.  I tried to put these in right side up but there are a few who are not right but it will be more trouble than worth to change them.  Also most of the pictures were not labeled so I used Charles E. Mahler name on each of them except for a few.  I might go back and more clearly label those that had names on them but that will have to be a project for the future.

Charles E. Mahle is not on our member roster so I don’t have any specific information. Most of the pictures were from the time of his service in the Navy as best I can tell. There are also a number of personal type photos that I have not exhibited here but would be valuable to a family member.

Here is what I am requesting. Look at the photos. Some of you might find your face in a picture. Maybe you know the time he was aboard and maybe you served with him. If you know this person or if you know about the time aboard and maybe even have a lead to find Mr. Mahle or a relative, let me know it. You can post in the comment below the album or email news@ussorleck.com. Let’s find this man or a relative.

Click on the picture and it will enlarge then you can scroll through the pictures.

Jan 162015
My hat story.
Back in late fall of 2014 my wife and I were having dinner at a local restaurant when I noticed a couple being seated a few tables away. A few minutes later another couple came in and sat at the same table. At once I noticed a familiar hat,a blue navy ball cap with U S S Hyman DD 732 embossed on it. I could see that he was looking at me as well. I told my wife that I was going over and introduce myself. As I started walking he stood up and walked toward me. Suddenly he reached out, put his arms around me and said, “Hi sailor it’s great to see you, I am a tin can sailer also”. He was a total stranger.. He took my hand and gave me a good hand shake. We talked some thirty minutes.He said he was from Pennsylvania and was down to visit a close friend.
I have been stopped many times by those who have served in the Navy.We always have a good conversation about our service. Each and everyone seemed very proud of their service and glad to share their experience.
Jan 222014

What follows are some really good interviews conducted

filmed by THE USS ORLECK NAVAL MUSEUM in Lake Charles, LA.

They proceed from the oldest to the most current interview.  Thanks to those who preserved this information.  Let them know that you enjoyed them.


Published October 11, 2013

Kenneth Pinner, who served as engine man on the USS Orleck from 1951-1954, recalls his first days on the ship, his journey up the ladder of duty and his recreational time spent with his shipmates.


Published October 14, 2013

Larry Collins, who served on the USS Orleck from ’61-’64, shares his stories of his time on the Orleck and rebuilding.


Published on Oct 16, 2013

Larry collins shares stories of mess duty, grounding the anchor and watching typhoon waves from the mast of the ship.

Published on Oct 18, 2013

Supply Officer James Cunningham, who served on the Orleck from ’70-’73, shares stories of ‘literal’ bug juice, day to day ship life and civilian life after leaving the navy.

Published on Oct 23, 2013

Gary Peterson, Operations Specialist 3rd Class from ’72-’73, shares stories of his first days on the Orleck and sleeping conditions on the ship.

Published on Oct 28, 2013

Richard Lundh, Radar Electronics Technician on the Orleck from 1949-1952, shares his story of when the ship was shelled by enemy fire.

Published on Nov 8, 2013

Chuck Roy recalls his first impressions of the sip and shares his feelings on what he thinks his service on the ship has done for his life.

Published on Nov 13, 2013

David Gilliam, who served on the Orleck’s sister ship (USS Hawkins) from ’73-’77, shares firsthand experience of powering and the inner mechanics of the ship.

Published on Nov 20, 2013

Ernie Delucchi, who served on The USS Orleck from ’63-’66, shares stories of the wild seas and adventures of the deck of the ship.

Published on Nov 25, 2013

Glenn Walling, who served on the Orleck from ’63-’65, shares his feelings on stepping back on the ship after so many years and the great sense of pride he feels for his years of service

Published on Nov 29, 2013

TJ Platt shares his experience helping to build the USS Orleck and his various duties on the site.

Published on Jan 10, 2014

Gene Petefish recalls his time served in the Orleck’s sonar room as well as day to day food stories aboard the ship.

Published on Jan 17, 2014

Norman Settles, MM2 1960-1963, gives a tour of the living quarters and his actual bunk from the years he served on the Orleck.

Published on Jan 20, 2014

James Eastin, former cook on the Orleck, shares stories of the kitchen and the bumpy rides he used to encounter on the ship.


Dec 052013

Below you will find a list of primarily shipmates from USS ORLECK that we have lost track of.  The address shown is their last known mailing address.  If you have any details that will assist in getting their current information to get enable me to get them back on the roster, I would appreciate if you would post a comment below detailing the information you have.  An address.  A phone number or email address.  Any or all could be helpful.  If you know that the person is deceased, please let me know that.

When you post a comment your message will not be seen by the public until I authorize it.  I will probably not post the information unless it looks like something I should post.  I will use the information to track that person down and contact them.  If you post something and for sure you would not want it made public, please make a note to that effect.

Also if you have some shipmate that you are in contact with or know information on and that person is not in our roster that you can find on our website, let me know that information and I will follow-up on that person.

last_name first_name address city state
Aalseth Alvin 105 Mesa Dr. Gillette WY
Ahlers Thomas W. 2220 Spencer Road Spring Valley NY
Alley Robert L. 4265 E. 309th St. Melvern KS
Allison Robert J. 1504 Canyon Edge Dr. Austin TX
Amavisca Joseph P.O. Box 1002 Pine AZ
Ambach John W. 18 Deerfield Shrewsbury MA
Atkins Travis L. 420 Greystone Dr. Birmingham AL
Balian Alexander G. PO Box 10025 Marina Del Rey CA
Birdsong Billy Craig 18901 Valley Cir Apt C Huntington Beach CA
Blot Robert D. 412 Entrada Dr. Golden CO
Blythe James 1417  1/2 Lindberg St. Baytown TX
Bonner Larry G. 15736 W. Watson Ln. Surprise AZ
Bortels Richard (Dick) 20600 Grandview Dr. Bend OR
Bouler Hugh J. 5425 Feliz Real Las Cruces NM



Orra J.

3107 N. Old Fort Knox Road

4167 New State Road





Brinkley William E. 12 San Pable Circle N. Jacksonville FL
Buhl Bill 103 10th St Belgrad MT
Buist William D. 9 Forest St. Belville NJ
Buren Francis W. 12400 100th St. Unit 110 Postville IA
Burks III John E  (Jocko) 3302 Soundview Dr W University Place WA
Cameron Dave 64024 E. 165 Rd. Wyandotte OK
Carpenter John PO Box 561 Auora OR
Carson Richard F. (Arturo) 937 Holbrook Cir. Ft. Walton Beach FL
Carter III Frank S. PO Box 462 Lewes DE
Clawson Ron General Deliver Dauphin Island AL
Coash Terry 17117 134TH Avenue Ct. E Puyallup WA
Collins Clarence L. 3257 Fish Canyon Duarte CA
Colston Monroe P.O. Box 157 Kellyville OK
Crawley Robert E. 101 Evergreen Ln. Apt 228 Glen Carbon IL
Cubbage Don
DeWoody Carl J. RT 1 Box 341 Cooperstown PA
Dillon Alexander F. 2715 Country Road 8 Montour Falls NY
Dinan Paul C 1843 Central Ave. Albany NY
Doss Jr. William H. 2100 Valley View Pkwy Apt 134 El Dorado Hills CA
Dunn William J 11333 Palmers Green Drive Peyton CO
Dutton David A. 4708 Peartree Ln. Gilbert AZ
Edge Larry K. 10267 Mast Blvd #207 Santee CA
Farmer Gilbert A. 9711 Birch Lane Wichita KS
Finch Charles E. 32 Pemberton Pl Laguna Niguel CA
Fitzgerald John R. PMB 213 9888 W. Belleview Ave. Littleton CO
Fogg Raymond O. 212 Mason Ct. Laconia NH
Folker Eugene 4971 N 4880 W. Kearne UT
Forrest Glen E. 12 Westwoo Pkwy Naples TX
Furlin Louis 4799 Garfield Rd. Apt 10 Auburn TX
Gallaher Hubert P. RR1 Box 103 A Collinwood TN
Gibeau Steve 3604 Fairbanks Way Antioch CA
Gingras James George 832 Vassor Dr Vacaville CA
Greenfelder Joseph D. 742 E. Lawnbrook Dr Coral Springs FL
Griffiths Paul D. 135 Fairway Dr. Harrisburg IL
Gudikunst John I P.O. Box 342 Schroon Lake NY
Hachey Kenneth C. 55 Montclair Ave. Roslindale MA
Hanks Steve 3126 Bethel Rd. SE Port Orchard WA
Hanson Tom 16241 Santa Bianca Dr. Hacienda Heights CA
Hartney Jr. Martin F. 725 Lori Dr. #314 Lake Worth FL
Hines Byron R 100 W Monroe St #1201 Chicago IL
Hoeme Jerry 109 Curtis St. Liberal KS
Holbrooks Randy 32 Eagle Dr. Littleton CO
Holbrooks Hubert Wade RT 3  Box 3074  Long Circle Taccoa GA
Howell Richard B. 441 General Gage Ct. Virginia Beach VA
Hruniak Francis 66 Mayflower Ave. Apt 7 Middleboro MA
Hudson William S. 545 Pamela Rd. York SC
Jennings David Eugene P.O. Box 52 Baltic OH
Jimenez Walter David 452 Canal Quinlan TX
Jolly Jerry E 241 S 102 East Ave Tulsa OK
Jones Michael
Jones III Iryll W. 300 Kenyon St. NW Apt T6 Olympia WA
Karnitz Melvin H. 25 Kinney St Candor NY
Keenan William S. 1913 Castle Pines Dr Raleigh NC
Kendall Walter C. 912 Strawberry Lane #45 Clayton NY
King Gordon J. 612 East Demade Drive Lafayette LA
Kirby Moffitt D. 1680 S New Hope Rd. Rm. 49 Gastonia NC
Kirkus Bill 194 Winding Way Logan UT
Knox William W. 9508 E. Riggs Rd Unit B111 Sun Lakes AZ
Knudsen Larry P.O. Box 714 Homedale ID
Lachowicz Leo V. 436 Gayleview Dr. Clarksville TN
Lavelle Lawrence A. 1617 S. 11th St. Wilmington NC
Layne Elbert A. 1433 Picadilly St. Norfolk VA
Ledden Jr Jay H 54 Orchard Lane Levitttown PA
Lee Leroy 87110 Kulapa Pt. Waianae HI
Lestrade Jr. Oscar P. 92tt Riverlodge Dr. Moss Point MS
Linn Claude. Mel RR 1  Box 286 B Brownwood TX
Linn Manual 2413 Monti Cello Brownwood TX
Lockhart Gary K 3310 W Echo Dr Post Falls ID
Lodahl Robert 3136 Brian St. Eau Claire WI
Medler Roland L USNH< PSC 475 Box 1807 FPO AP CA
Melvin Virgil B. 2910 Pleasant St. Hannibal MO
Miller Rodney 20009 Behan Ct. Port Charlotte FL
Miller Earl Y. 2839 W Kennewick Ave  / PMB 200 Kennewick WA
Mirra Vince F. 2341 Sugar Tree Ct. Pensacola FL
Mitchell William O. 20 Franklin Ct. Naples ME
Moreno Les 27861 Bascayne Ave Hayward CA
Morrical Brian 4075 Winterset Dr. Burns WY
Moser Gerald C. 1320 S.E. Second St. Rm 211 Evansville IN
Motley Howard M. 534 Allison St. NW Concord NC
Myers William O. 12285 Glen Ridge Ct. Glen Ridge PA
Nalder Steven E. P.O. Box 97 Layton UT
Nance Pascal (Pac) 1028 N Eddie St Carlsbad NM
Nance David 1401 Alvarado Carlsbad NM
Nelson Lewis 5401 Camapus Dr. Virginia Beach VA
Nenke Jim 3321 Dumas St San Diego CA
Newell Donald M. 8822 W. Valley Palms Dr. Spring TX
Nickett John R. 4201 Union Hills Dr Glendale AZ
Niebauer Michael E 2816 E. 5th St. Apt 18 Vancouver WA
Nielson Reed H. 2863 E Loran Htsdr Salt Lake City UT
Noland Gregory 2712 SW Kathy Ln. Saint Joseph MO
Norton Stephen 340-56 Isthmus Way Oceanside CA
O’Neill John P. 7211 Calamus Ave. Flushing NY
Oakley Danny  L P.O. Box 1655 Mineral Wells TX
Ott Ronald 1936 Wooddale Ave. Ypsilanti MI
Peay Leann 1923 Penny LN SE Marietta GA
Pendley Jim 1071 Fruit Tree Ln. St Louis MO
Perry Anthony 276 PLAIN ST TAUMTON MA
Peters Walter I. 5847 S Oakes Tacoma WA
Peterson Wayne E. P.O. Box 234 McGregor IA
Pettingill Lester 5021 Loma Alta Dr. Frisco TX
Phillips Doyce (Phil) 1401 So. Jefferson Suite 2 PMB 236 Mount Pleasant TX
Phillips Blake 5220 Feather River Dr. Stockton CA
Powell John 701 Barbara Waco TX
Powell Raymond C. 6001 Oakshadow St. Orlando FL
Putas Steve 9 East 43 St. Bayonne NJ
Reeves Oda V. 911 Fairway Dr. Huntsville AL
Reinert Erik 3280 SW 170th Ave. Apt 1707 Beaverton OR
Rodriguez Adolph 350 79th Ave N. Apt 302 St. Petersburg FL
Rylant Erie 3138 W Dakota Ave  Spc 224 Fresno CA
Sale Chick P.O. Box 35 Chandler NC
Samaras David 1220 W Monroe St.# 2 Springfield IL
Sandwell Frank 7519 Lakeside Dr Riverside CA
Schefcick Jr. Joe H. 7895 Coopers Hawk Trl. Machesney Park IL
Schmidt Myrle L. 503 3rd St SE Altoona IA
Secrest Curtis M 532 S. Washington Apt. 5 Bloomfield IN
Seevell Roger 251 0 Halibut Point Rd. Sitka AK
Sepulveda Raymond G. 11236 Butte Dr. SW Tacoma WA
Sergent Charles E. 1025 E 24TH National City CA
Settles Norman 102 Lorraine Dr. Gillespie IL
Shaneyfelt Ralph 420 Norman Dr. Leeds AL
Sharp Glenn 157 Roseland Rd. Galax VA
Simmons Kenneth G. 855 E. Basse Rd. Apt 250 San Antonio TX
Slabaugh George E. 1918 Greenbriar Road York Springs PA
Sloan Robert 2671 Anderson Ln Brentwood CA
Slyker Henry W. 3130 N. Denver Road Vermilion OH
Smith Frederick J 11407 Betsy Way Tampa FL
Smith Marion R. P.O. Box 579 (Winter) Salome AZ
Snyer Henry J. 2731 8th St. Monroe WI
Somera Albert L. 1769 York Mountain Ct. Tulare CA
Sparrow Russell B. 2812 Ridgewood Dr. Hilliard OH
Sperry Mike 3007 Webb Ave. Greenville TX
Spiering Clare P.O. Box 10544 Casa Grande AZ
Spitler Joseph C. P.O. Box 500061 Austin TX
Standley Jack 1208 Spring Lake CT. Morrow GA
Stillwell Avis W. 106 Bass Drive Fair Play SC
Stuebe Robert M. 7266 Spring Valley Victorville CA
Supulver Bob L. BOX 3587 Pojoaque Station Santa Fe NM
Takalo John E. 6048 SE Drake St. Apt 111 Hillsboro OR
Teneyck Gerald 310 W. Waring Street Valley NE
Thomas Dennis 517 E 4TH Lees Summit MO
Thompson John 1767 Lake Samish Rd Bellingham WA
Tinti Dominick 46270 Sandia Creek Dr. Temecola CA
Ueckert Harold W. 169 Fernwood St. Bridge City TX
Vivion James 1155 N E 36th Paris TX
Waite Douglas 222 Sunset Dr. Novato CA
Ward Thomas L. 39 Milton Loo Los Lunas NM
Whitehead Ronald (Whitey) 527 Manor Dr. Apt 205 El Cajon CA
Whittenburg Kenneth D. 10455 Gold Shadow Ave. Las Vegas NV`
Willey Gerald E 1258 Carlyle Park Cir Highlands Ranch CO
Wilson Robert E. 99 Spring Valley Road Sylacouga AL
Wilson Jerry P.O. Box 513 Buda TX
Winchell David G. 8817 W Etcheverry Dr. Tracey CA
Wray George PO BX 4808 Bremerton WA
Young Daniel W. 621 1/4 W Bay Ave. Newport Beach CA
Dec 052013

Dave Hummel sent a message   “I am looking for a shipmate , Fred C. Rameriz on board 1970, any help would be great.”

Note from Bob Orleck-I have checked the roster using different possible spellings and cannot find him.  If you might possibly know where he is please let us know by leaving a comment below.  That comment will not be posted unless you request that it is posted.   Before any post is public posted I have to authorize it.  The information will be used to try to track the person or in notifying the shipmate searching.  If you do not want your comment posted, please make it clear when you type in the comment.  You can also contact Bob Orleck at bob@ussorleck.com with information on this person.

12/07/2013  I just received a message from Dave Hummel about this posting I did to help him find his friend.

 “Thanks , last i knew he was in San fransico,  he also had a recording studio in L.A. maybe in the later 70s.  Fred was in our ships band in 1970 on board , with Dave Hummel , Dave Lovatto and Bill Smedburg …. thanks ,  hope we find him”