Jan 162015
My hat story.
Back in late fall of 2014 my wife and I were having dinner at a local restaurant when I noticed a couple being seated a few tables away. A few minutes later another couple came in and sat at the same table. At once I noticed a familiar hat,a blue navy ball cap with U S S Hyman DD 732 embossed on it. I could see that he was looking at me as well. I told my wife that I was going over and introduce myself. As I started walking he stood up and walked toward me. Suddenly he reached out, put his arms around me and said, “Hi sailor it’s great to see you, I am a tin can sailer also”. He was a total stranger.. He took my hand and gave me a good hand shake. We talked some thirty minutes.He said he was from Pennsylvania and was down to visit a close friend.
I have been stopped many times by those who have served in the Navy.We always have a good conversation about our service. Each and everyone seemed very proud of their service and glad to share their experience.