Oct 072015

These fine photos were taken by our President Ben Loder. If you want to blame anyone for the captions, it is Bob Orleck. It is hard to maneuver so many pictures to have them in the order we did things or properly grouped together. We did the best we could so be aware they might not be in the best of order. Enjoy!

You can click on one photo and it will enlarge and then you can press the error at the right of the picture to go to the next photo and so forth.

  3 Responses to “Bar Harbor pics taken by Ben Loder”

  1. …My many thanx Ben Loder for your outstanding eye for detail via the camera lens. Your sharing of these images with those of us unable to attend are especially appreciated.
    …My dream, my bucket-list need (if you will) is to meet others who call themselves Orleck sailors and to shake their hands, swap sea tales and get to know them.
    …My time aboard my-then “Mother” -Orleck has given me precious memories that will no doubt be of my last thoughts before my day is done & I join others who sailed her decks that now belong to the ages.
    …I have re-connected with a few of my crewmates that I steamed with (while on Westpac) via Facebook and thru late nite phone sessions. What a joy and blessing it’s been to get to know them again
    …For your sharing these gems with all of us I offer a very reverent & honoring HAND SALUTE ( ~ ).
    ……~ W. Bill Springer BT3 -Vietnam Veteran… cherry-boy-crewmember @ age 17 yrs. 8 mos.~……

  2. What great photos you have done it again Mr Loder

    • …I totally concur, Bryan Davies… Ben Loder certainly has a keen eye for what the lens brings in. I believe it best to describe his work as ‘drinking in the wonder of what his surroundings allow, his landscapes & people caught in-the-act of being themselves is outstanding.’ Being able to “be there” vicariously through his photographs has been a gift. …Yes, he (has) done it again ! -Springer, BT3

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