Oct 042023

10-04-2023 Update to this message.  Click here to return to the message on the berthing project.

This message is for those who wish to participate in and support the Jacksonville Naval Museum Birthing project aboard USS ORLECK DD 886 but are concerned that you lack information (rate/rank, years served, berthing area) that was requested.

Some do not know the designation given to the berthing area that you or your sailor used when serving aboard USS ORLECK DD 886. The widows whose husbands served in her have no idea where they slept. Others have a problem with trying to use the Naval Museums on-line sign-up for the name plate because they cannot find how to submit the information of rate/rank, years aboard or the berthing area. I have called this latter problem to the attention Jane Arnold, the curator and overseer of the project. My suggestion is to do it the old-fashioned way. Copy the form, fill it out and send it in by US mail.

After discussing the issues, the solution became clear. The most important piece of information when you send in your application and money is to be sure they know you are a USS ORLECK sailor. Without you telling them that, they would not know. Then if you know the rate/rank, years served and berthing area, you are good with all the information.

If you do not know this information, you can ask others, even me, and I will do what I can to help you. You can go on the www.ussorleck.com website, go to the roster in the side menu, and search the name of the shipmate and you should be able to see that information. If anyone has a problem, they can contact me at 802-565-0340 (text or talk) or email me at bob@ussorleck.com and I will do the best I can to get that information to you.

To repeat, just make sure the Museum know the man you are sending this in for served as a sailor aboard the USS ORLECK DD 886. I have asked Jane to keep me informed of the names of those who have asked for a plate to be put on the plaque and I would review them and advise them if they were a USS ORLECK sailor and if I have information on their rate/rank and years of service, I will provide that.

In summary, the most important thing is to provide the name and fact that the sailor signing up is a USS ORLECK sailor. Then do your best to provide the years aboard USS ORLECK, rate/rank and if possible, berthing area.

If you have any confusion, don’t refrain from participating but contact me and I will help you work it through. No matter what you provide, if you let me know you have asked for a name plate, advise me of that and I will reconcile your request with what I receive from Jane. We just want to make sure you get the name in there that you wish.

Bob Orleck

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  1. Really enjoyed my time serving aboard the best ship in the west -pac.. Lots of time to reflect back to 1968-1970. from Long Beach ca. dry dock to Viet Nam. Enjoyed working with crew members Aft engine room. cain,butler,tony and other MM. crew.

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