Nov 112023

Veterans Day | PNG All

Thank you for what you did back then to keep our country safe and secure.

Lt. Joseph Orleck represents well, all of you who served.

Watch  and Watch as his sacrifice in WWII was commemorated at Arlington National Cemetery and at the Navy Memorial,

 Come back and visit in the next week or so for a report on the Veterans Day Celebration aboard the USS ORLECK DD 886 in Jacksonville, Fl as we just accomplished our first 11/11/11 planned pilgrimage to our great ship that will happen every Veterans Day into the future.



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  1. I think y’all had a good time considering it was our first 11 1111 reunion. It was great getting the people together. Will be looking forward to seeing all next Veterans Day 2024 meet you on the ship at 11 o’clock.

  2. For all of our Orleck Shipmates, Thank You for your service no matter which years you were involved. For my Shipmates that made the trip to Orleck this Veterans Day, I am sure you all had a memorable weekend. Many thanks go around but, especially to Ben Loder who kept a steady course with the absence of Bob Orleck. —- Shipmates have your calendar marked for next Veteran’s week and make preparations to be at Orleck for another celebration. We remembered Shipmates past but, also thanked each other for the time we were aboard. —- Orleck is looking good and in the capable hands of some Super Volunteers.

  3. Had such a enjoyable time at the Orleck on Veterans Day. My daughter was with me and the experience was memorable for both of us. Jacksonville has done a remarkable job of preserving her and the location is perfect. I enjoyed the service we had and the whole day was just a total memorable experience. Thank you

  4. Happy Veteran’s day to all my shipmates on WESPAC Cruise – ‘96-‘97!

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