USS Orleck Reunions

Oct 072015

These fine photos were taken by our President Ben Loder. If you want to blame anyone for the captions, it is Bob Orleck. It is hard to maneuver so many pictures to have them in the order we did things or properly grouped together. We did the best we could so be aware they might not be in the best of order. Enjoy!

You can click on one photo and it will enlarge and then you can press the error at the right of the picture to go to the next photo and so forth.

Jul 192015

The Bar Harbor mini-reunion will take place Sept 22nd, 23rd and 24th, 2015.  We currently have over 80 people registered to attend and we still have room for about 20 more but time is very short to register.  If you are interested to attend you need to either call Bob Orleck at 802-728-9806 or email him at and express your interest.

If you wish to learn more about the reunion you can participate in a conference call about it conducted by Bob Orleck.

Conference call to be conducted tomorrow evening July 29 2015 at 7 PM Eastern Time on Bar Harbor mini-reunion.

How to access Conference Call:  Just call the Dial-in Number at the appropriate time listed above: 1-605-475-5950 (there is no charge except your usual carrier charge for long distance calls.)  and when prompted enter Participant Access Code: 1193051.

Details on the Reunion Events can be found if you click here.


Jan 032015

Photographs by Ben Loder (click on thumbnail to enlarge then scroll through all pictures)

Dec 292014

All of those speaking received a similar award.  John got his award, not because he was there, but because of what it says on the document. John and Sandy are in the middle of building their house in the State of Washington and could not come.  I wanted you all to see this.  We are so thankful for John and the hard work he did that helped us insure our history will be available for years to come for those who want to know.  The participants at the 2014 San Diego Reunion signed the back of this document for John.

Thanks John.

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John Barrios Resolution

John Barrios Resolution