Apr 082013

Click here for Portland-Boothbay Harbor Reunion 2016 details 

Full report with pictures coming as soon as pictures received from attendees.


Bar Harbor Reunion recap with photos and more


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USS ORLECK engages enemy in Korea

USS ORLECK engages enemy in Vietnam

 This web site is dedicated to the men who served aboard the Orleck during its 37 years of service.

Almighty God, ruler of the sea, may thy grace and rich blessings vest upon the officers and men who serve in this ship. Let thy presence and power go with them as they defend their country both overseas and at home. Keep them in Jesus’ name. Amen.

This prayer was written inside the ship’s Bible by Chaplain Thomas Gary Hawkins at the USS ORLECK  commissioning ceremony 1945. This same prayer was read at the decommissioning ceremony in 1982.

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Aug 072016
Major Mac McLaughlin US Marine Corp (ret)

Major McLaughlin played a big part in the founding of our organization.  It was through being my friend and various trips he made to the ship in Tacoma and in Golcuk, Turkey.   The quality of the relationships that were forged because of this man will live on for many years.  The Major was buried with military honors on his 99th birthday.

Resolution for Major McLaughlin

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Jul 172016
Boothbay Harbor Reunion 2016 photos by Sherri Gittins

Photos taken by Sherry Gittins at the Boothbay Harbor Reunion (June 8-10, 2016).  More specifically Sherri focused on the fine lunch we had after our Harbor Nature Cruise for some and the tour of the Maine Botanical Garden by others served at the Fisherman’s Wharf on Friday afternoon.  (click on a picture to enlarge then scroll through the rest of gallery)

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