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  1. Had a good chat with my grandfather Edward Smith who was a fire control officer on the Orleck during the Korean war era. He had a lot of fun stories to tell about his time aboard.


    • Hi Zach: I approved your post for the site. I am the nephew of the namesake, Lt. Joseph Orleck, of the USS ORLECK and I do the website and have done reunions for the men for 23 years. I tried to find your father’s name on our roster but he is not there. We had to search out each of her men and we only found 2200 of the over 4000 that served aboard her. I can add him to our roster and would love to contact him if you could provide me with the needed information. He will then get information from time to time on the USS ORLECK, which is still afloat in Lake Charles, LA, and about the reunons we have. Our next one is in Norfolk, VA in April of 2018. Let me know and I will take the necessary action. I would like the years he served aboard USS ORLECK and what his rate/rank was when he left. If you don’t know that, let me know as well. I sounds as if he did and I am glad you found us. Please give my best to your grandfather. Bob Orleck

  2. My Grandfather was an officer aboard the USS Orleck in 1948. I was doing some research and came across your site. I am very please to see it. As I was reading I also saw that you were using parts from the USS Barry, a ship that my Grandfather was on also, and one of his favorite ships. He was in communications and I do have some of his old papers and pictures. He was also on The Sigsbee, Langley, & Arizona at various times during his career. I know that he put in for retirement and the Orleck was the last ship he was stationed on. I do have some of the communications from that ship and other memorabilia. The Orleck was on a scientific expedition in May 1948. I have a Menu with the signatures of the officers, press and scientist on board that attended a dinner the Captain held during their stay in China? They were to capture photos of an eclipse along with two other ships stationed at various points around the world. There was a commemorative stamp made attributed to this expedition and he had a few printed on post cards and then had them post marked from The USS Orleck. When I was trying to identify the stamp, as I think, but am not certain it was Chinese, I came across a card post marked USS Aulick. I looked and found that it was a Fletcher Class destroyer as was the Sigsbee and that it had been hit by a Kamakazi pilot. The Sigsbee had been hit while my grandfather was aboard during the war. I remember his stories. I too feel strongly that all of the history of the sacrifices our men gave is so important. I was delighted to see your efforts to save this history. I wish I was in a position to offer financial support but sadly am in dire need myself. All of my prayers are with you, Patty, granddaughter of Harry F. Isett who retired in 1948 from the US Navy. I know that he did not want to retire as he loved the service but felt that his family needed him home.

    • What a wonderful post about your grandfather. I thought your post had been previously approved but apparently not but it is now. It sounds as if he had a wonderful Navy life and I would like to know more. Please feel free to contact me at and I will make an attempt to contact you as well. Regards Bob Orleck

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