Dec 252014

Helen Anderson Glass is a 92 year young NAVY WAVE.   She is also a fine poet and true patriot.  She is now a friend of mine and I am very proud of that.  She has a servant attitude and her life is marked by all the voluntary service she has provided to those in our military.  It is such a pleasure to know her and to share her work with you.   Printed by permission from Helen.


To all of you who are away
from your family this Holiday
We want to say
That we hope and pray
For all of you every day
Not just this time of year, No way!

May your thoughts be happy memories of
Family and friends filled with love
Opening presents by the tree
Hoping they are what you want them to be

Yet knowing right from the start
That down deep in your heart
The finest present to them and to you
Was being together once more
Walking through that door
into loving arms open wide
Welcoming you safe inside

For holiday goodies and hearing bells ring
You can’t help remembering
everything you hold dear
just having them near
and you know God has been good
but you knew He would

Bringing you home safe and sound
So you would once again be around
Where family and friends and love abound
that’s the message you send to them today
from where ever you are far away

And we at home get the message loud and clear
That you would rather be here
And we pray that time is near
that our love and prayers for peace
and wars to cease
The greatest present that we can send
For it all to end

(Christmas 1943 – I was 20 years old