Jan 281980

From date above thru February 3, 1983

21-Jan-80 – 27-Jan-80  ORLECK  “participates in a Canadian Squadron Exercise in the Northern Pacific Operations Area.”

27-Jan-80 – 02-Mar-80 ORLECK returns to Tacoma.

03-Mar-80 – 10-Mar-80 ORLECK heads for San Diego for training and upkeep with a stop in San Francisco area along the way arriving in San Diego a week later. “The sunny Southern California weather allows for top-side maintenance and a complete paint out.”

24-Mar-80 – 27-Mar-80ORLECK does well in a three day Combat Systems Readiness TEST (CSRT).

28-Mar-80 – 06-Apr-80 “””The next two weeks prove hectic as ORLECK bounces from NGFS Qualifications to COMUTEX.”” Both events were a success.”

19-Apr-80 – ORLECK takes three days to return home. 15-May-80 – “””It was a first for the Tacoma-based Naval Reserve Destroyer USS ORLECK when boiler technician James Bond, 21. and Sheri Abel, 23, were married in a ceremony on the ship’s helicopter deck￉When you marry a sailor, you kind of marry his ship too.””” 16-May-80 – 18-May-80 “””Armed Forces Day in Seattle￉and ORLECK is a designated participant. Open house tours and demonstrations highlighted the affair.””” 17-Jun-80 – 18-Jun-80 “””￉ORLECK commences operations in and around Nanoose, B.C.””” 22-Jun-80 – Dependent’s cruise. 30-Jun-80 – 11-Jul-80 “SELRES crew of ORLECK traveled to Juneau, Alaska, for a two week active duty period. “”The passage north is breath-taking and the city of Juneau opens her heart to the crew.””” 12-Jul-80 – 02-Sep-82 ORLECK at Tacoma for rest of summer conducting one reserve weekend. 03-Sep-80 – 07-Sep-80 ORLECK enroute to San Diego. 08-Sep-80 – 20-Oct-80 “””The first days of autumn bring with them another trip south. In addition to NGFS Qualifications, ORLECK takes part in an amphibious exercise that proves both interesting and rewarding.””” 20-Oct-80 – 22-Oct-80 “ORLECK at Long Beach, California.” 23-Oct-80 – 26-Oct-80 “ORLECK enroute to Tacoma, Washington.” 27-Oct-80 – ORLECK arrives at Tacoma. 06-Nov-80 – 08-Nov-80 ORLECK enroute to San Francisco. 09-Nov-80 – 12-Nov-80 “””Veterans Day dictates a visit to San Francisco. Moored right at Fisherman’s Wharf, ORLECK conducts open house and enjoys the sights of the Bay City.””” 14-Nov-80 – 16-Nov-80 “””NRT NORPAC.””” 03-Dec-80 – 08-Dec-80 “””ISE/NRT NORPAC.””” 08-Dec-80 – 11-Dec-80 “””ORLECK visits Esquimalt.””” 11-Dec-80 – 31-Dec-80 “””Christmas Holiday stand down.””” 05-Jan-81 – “ORLECK off-loaded ammunition at Naval Undersea Warfare Engineering Detachment, Indian Island, Washington in preparation for RAV at Puget Sound Naval Shipyard, Bremerton, Washington.” 06-Jan-81 – 27-Feb-81 “ORLECK’s restricted availability went well at Puget Sound Naval Shipyard for repairs to number 2 and number 4 boilers. “”The work progressed well, and all were impressed by the timely and competent job performed by the shipyard.””” 28-Feb-81 – “ORLECK reloaded ammunition at Indian Island, Washington.” 05-Mar-81 – “ORLECK “”￉transitted south to paricipate in READIEX 4-81, playing the part of an enemy ship ina war at sea exercise, involvong air, surface and sub surface resources. The ship performed exceptionally well, earning the personal congratulations of COMCRUDESGRU ONE, the officer conducting the exercise.””” 19-Mar-81 – 26-Mar-81 ORLECK at San Diego for upkeep. 22-Mar-81 – “FM: CONCRUDESGRU ONE, TO: USS ORLECK, SUBJ: READIEX 4-81 PERFORMANCE. #1. Please extend my congratulations to the entire crew, in particular, the engineers for a truly fine performance during READIEX 4-81. #2. It is worthy to note that USS ORLECK was the oldest ship involved, had the fewest number of problems and operated continuously without missing a bell. #3. I gladly welcome the chance to work with ORLECK again. #4. Warm Regards-RADM W.C. SCHRADER Jr.” 01-Apr-81 – ORLECK spent time in upkeep and preparation for INSURV. 29-Apr-81 – 01-May-81 “ORLECK involved in Sub Board Inspection and Survey (INSURV), Pacific.” 13-May-81 – 16-May-81 Command Inspection. 21-May-81 – “ORLECK at Port Alberni, B.C. for goodwill port visit. “”As always the Canadians provided a very warm reception to ORLECK, hosting parties ashore and arranging sporting competitions. In addition, over 500 Canadian Sea Cadets visited ORLECK and were given tours by ORLECK crew members.””” 29-May-81 – 14-Jun-81 “ORLECK at Shore Intermediate Maintenance Facility, San Diego, for repair.” 18-Jun-81 – “ORLECK “”￉underway in the Southern California Operating Areas for Anti-Submarine and gunfire support exercises.””” 20-Jun-81 – 24-Jun-81 “ORLECK visits Long Beach, California.” 25-Jun-81 – 26-Jun-81 “ORLECK involved in “”Gunnery Operations off San Clemente Island￉””” 27-Jun-81 – “””A… transit to the North Pacific made a lasting impression for many, as the ship was battered by heavy seas, sustaining minor damage on all weather decks and especially the forecastle. The Boatswains locker and chain locker were flooded out, but dedicated efforts including a bucket brigade which counted the Captain among its members, managed to de-water the spaces and return the ship to normalcy.””” 30-Jun-81 – “ORLECK returned to Tacoma after picking up the prospective Commanding Officer at Manchester Fuel Annex, Manchester, Washington.” 11-Jul-81 – “Commander Helmut A. Torok, USNR, relieved Captain Warren B. Jackson, Jr., USN as Commanding Officer of USS ORLECK.” 12-Jul-81 – 05-Aug-81 ORLECK spent time in upkeep. 07-Aug-81 – 16-Aug-81 “ORLECK enroute to Southern California for COMPUTEX-5A-81, “”another extensive series of warfare exercises. Again, ORLECK performed extremely well and was lauded by the Operational Commander. During the exercise, the Selected Reserve Crew were aboard conducting their annual active duty for training unit cruise.””” 17-Aug-81 – 23-Aug-81 Upkeep for ORLECK at San Diego. 26-Aug-81 – 28-Sep-81 ORLECK at Tacoma for upkeep and repairs to number one boiler. 29-Sep-81 – “””￉ ORLECK underway at Canadian Forces Maritime Experimantal and Test Ranges at Nanoose, off Vancouver Island, involved in an operational test of the Mk48 Torpedo under Chief of Naval Operations Project POPS 371.””” 05-Oct-81 – 09-Oct-81 “””The second week of October was an exciting change of pace, spent in support of Paramount Pictures’ and ABC’s “”Winds of War””, a television mini-series which starred Robert Mitchum. Many crew members had the opportunity to appear in the film as ‘extras’ and the monetary proceeds were forwarded to the Welfare and Recreation Committee, totalling $5,000.00 . During this time the ship moved in and out of Naval Inactive Ship Maintenance Facility, Bremerton, Wa., berthing next to the ex-USS MISSOURI.””” 18-Oct-81 – ORLECK at San Diego for repair and a 3-M Inspection. 16-Nov-81 – 19-Nov-81 “””￉ORLECK conducted anti-submarine warfare and gunnery exercises￉”” and then headed back to Tacoma for Thanksgiving. “”Enroute to Tacoma, ORLECK was tasked to escort USS PLEDGE (MSO-492) from San Francisco to Seattle ensuring her safe voyage through stormy North Pacific waters.””” 24-Nov-81 – 31-Dec-81 “ORLECK arrives at Tacoma. “”The remainder of the year was spent in upkeep, except for 12-13 December, when Naval Reserve Training was conducted within the Puget Sound.””” 25-Dec-81 – 03-Jan-82 “USS ORLECK (DD-886) spent its last holiday season at home in Tacoma, Washington.” 04-Jan-82 – 10-Jan-82 “￉spent in upkeep in Tacoma, Washington, and a Human Resources Workshop was completed by Navy facilitators. …ORLECK got underway to train Naval Reservists in the Puget Sound, and while leaving Commencement Bay area spotted three victims of a capsized sailboat. ORLECK rescued the three victims, who were exhausted having been in the frigid water for 1 1/2 hours, and were suffering from extreme hypothermia. The people were recovered , first aid was administered and they were transferred to to the hospital via the City of Tacoma Fireboat. Unfortunately, a fourth person missing from the sailboat was never spotted and after extensive search efforts by ORLECK, the U.S. Coast Guard and the City of Tacoma, was presumed drowned.” 18-Jan-82 – 15-Feb-82 “””The period… was spent in upkeep in Tacoma, with emphasis on anti-drug training and counselling and shipboard electrical safety. Feedback from the earlier Human Resources Workshop was evaluated.””” 07-Feb-82 – 08-Feb-82 “””The￉Naval Reserve Weekend was held in port.””” 18-Feb-82 – 21-Feb-82 “ORLECK steamed in the Straits of Juan De Fuca to Esquimalt, B.C.. “”Throughout the Esquimalt visit Canadian Navy personnel warmly welcomed the crew, and there was an open invitation to pay the Canadian personnel a visit on their ships. Crew members also enjoyed liberty in the nearby city of Victoria.””” 20-Feb-82 – “””￉ a retirement ceremony was held for MMCS Small who had served 22 years total service in the Navy.””” 22-Feb-82 – “””￉ORLECK underway in the Straits of Juan De Fuca in a joint exercise with Canadian Forces, SQUADEX 1-82, in which the training levels of both Navies was greatly enhanced.””” 26-Feb-82 – 13-Mar-82 “””ORLECK was in port at Tacoma￉A Navy Drug Safety Action Program Course was held for all crew members and on 12-13 March Naval Reserve Training was held in port.””” 01-Apr-82 – 04-Apr-82 “ORLECK “”￉ got underway for sea trials in Commencement Bay, testing main propulsion equipment. The second and third of April were spent cleaning the ship in preparation for the annual Tacoma Daffodil Day Festival and for the Pacific Northwest Destroyermen’s Reunion, both held on 4 April. On 4 April, ORLECK was at anchor off Old Town Tacoma, a focal point of the Daffodil Festival. Simultaneously ORLECK hosted the Destroyermen’s Reunion.””” 04-Apr-82 – “””ORLECK is tentatively scheduled to be decommissioned this year and is the last World War II Gearing Class FRAM destroyer serving as a training platform for the Pacific Northwest Naval Reserve.”” Reunion for Pacific Northwest Destroyermen. “”To commemorate the end of Naval Reserve Force destroyers stationed in the Pacific Northwest, it is fitting to invite those who have served aboard these ships in Tacoma, Seattle and Portland to experience a mini-destroyer cruise going through various exercises and evolutions, anchoring off Tacoma’s Old Town and serving as a focal point for various pre-parade activities concluding with reviewing the floral decorated yacht parade. At the conclusion of the cruise, a dinner will be held at a local military installation followed by a brief program. The reunion, designed as a fitting farewell to this last remaining Pacific Northwest destroyer and the people who have served on them over the past 30 years will be held on Sunday, 4 April 1982.””” 05-Apr-82 – 30-Jun-82 “ORLECK in port for boiler work. “”Human Resources Management Training was held in April, and small arms training was conducted in April and May. Naval Reservist training was in port on 16-17 April, 14-15 May and 5-6 June. On May 16th a retirement ceremony was held for ENCM Fortier, a Selected Reserve crew mwmber who had served 42 years in the Navy and the Naval Reserve. The period 14 June to 25 June was devoted to training Selected Reservists during their Naval Reserve active-duty training period.””” 13-May-82 – Brazilian Navy shows interest in buying USS ORLECK when decommissioned. 01-Jul-82 – ORLECK got underway briefly￉for local operations in Commencement Bay. 02-Jul-82 – 04-Jul-82 “””The second and third of July were spent making everything shipshape for visitors during the Fourth of July weekend. On the Fourth of July, ORLECK anchored off Old Town with full holiday lighting in support of Tacoma’s Fourth of July Extravaganza, hosting many distinguished guests.””” 05-Jul-82 – 16-Jul-82 “””￉was spent in upkeep and making preliminary preparation for decommissioning” 19-Jul-82 – 26-Jul-82 “””￉was spent in Tacoma, and 23 July to 26 July was spent underway for special operations surveillance off Cape Flattery.””” 27-Jul-82 – 02-Aug-82 “Upkeep in Tacoma, Washington.” 03-Aug-82 – “””￉ORLECK off loaded ammunition at Indian Island￉””” 04-Aug-82 – “ORLECK at Bremerton, Washinton for port screw replacement.” 06-Aug-82 – “ORLECK back at Tacoma, Washington.” 13-Aug-82 – 14-Aug-82 The final Naval Reserve Training Weekend for ORLECK Selected Reserve Crew members. 15-Aug-82 – “””ORLECK entered the stand-down period for decommissioning on 15 August. Beginning in early August, accelerated preparations were made for decommissioning and transfer of the ship to the Turkish Navy. The entire crew worked hard throughout this period, putting the ship in order.””” 15-Sep-82 – “The News Tribune reports that “”USS ORLECK, to be retired Oct. 1st, was the last of WWII vintage destroyers still active.””” 21-Oct-82 – “””At 1000 on 1 October 1982, ORLECK was decommissioned, transferred to the Turkish Navy and renamed TCG YUCETEPE D-345 in a ceremony held at her berth at Tacoma, Washington.” 25-Dec-82 – “True to form, TCG YUCETEPE, (ex-USS ORLECK), arrived at Golcuk, Turkey on Christmas Day, as scheduled.” 06-Feb-83 – 13-Feb-82 Winds of War starring USS ORLECK (DD-886) aired on ABC.