Feb 171945

“Mrs. Joseph Orleck (Gertha)-letter to Secretary of the Navy James Forrestal.
“”Please accept my deep appreciation of the honor conferred upon my
husband, the late Lieutenant Joseph Orleck in naming a destroyer in his name.
As per instructions in your letter of January 26, 1945, I have advised the
Supervisor of Construction at the Consolidated Steel Corp, Orange, Texas, that
it will be a privilege for me to christen this ship at it’s

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  1. Hi,Thanks for your work on this site. Believe my father Hubert T. Duncan was on the Cumberland Sound but not sure of dates but think it might have been after Tokyo and duinrg the lab ship days at the Bikini Atoll. I have his Goggles from the bomb tests but sadly did not ask him enough about his service before he passed away.I am very seriously wanting to catch up and find out more about what his navy life was like. I understood he was a gunnery officer but that’s about all I know. Thanks for having this site and I hope to continue searching.With appreciation for your work on this site.Tom Duncan

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