Jul 162016

Photos taken by Homer Castille at the Boothbay Harbor Reunion (June 8-10, 2016).  Homer had many pictures and due to size the presentation had to be broken up into two galleries.  This is gallery #2)

(click on a picture to enlarge then scroll through the rest of gallery)

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  1. Great pictures! You made it easy to recall all the events and tours.

    • Hi Phil:

      Lots of photos from the folks I gave credit to on the pages made the visual picture good. I would have had a report up before to go with the pictures but I fell ill after the reunion and ended up with a sixteen day stay in the hospital. On the mend now and getting things done. I will have a report out there soon and I have worked on a neat article regarding some of the happenings. Keep an eye out for it.

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