USS Orleck Museum

TCG Yucetepe

TCG Yucetepe

From: gurdeniz
To: Bob Orleck
Sent: Thursday, June 22, 2000 2:39 PM
Subject: Ynt: TCG YUCETEPE

Dear Bob
She is gone. It is very touchy to watch the video casette.
She was like a queen and leaving her last reign and departing
for a new kingdom. I felt so different. She was home to me
for 10 months and I really gave so much to her in order to
make her look better and crew feel pride with her. Now while
leaving Izmir harbor under tow the sight was so strange to me.

Hundred times she crossed those waters and now she is under
tow and leaving us forever. However she is a lucky ship.
I try to visualize the day she will be christened as a
museum ship.

Attached is the picture taken in early may.

EDITOR’S NOTE: This is a message from Captain Cem GURDENIZ. Cem served as Executive Officer aboard TCG YUCETEPE D 345 and loved his ship. In large measure he was the man who saw to it that the USS ORLECK, built originally to last about 10 years, after making it through 37 years in our Navy, continued to serve the free world in Turkey for another 16 years until 1998. Captain GURDENIZ became an Admiral l in the Turkish Navy and served his country and freedom.  He has presently a prisoner of conscience in his own country.  You can read more about this on our Forums pages as well on posts on our Facebook page,  If it was not for Captain GURDENIZ our ship would never have made it back to the United States and while things have not turned out as I and Cem dreamed, the USS ORLECK DD 886 is still in existence in Lake Charles, LA and there are people with good intentions trying to preserve her as a museum.  While her experience in Orange was not good, and while it was painful for many to see how she languished under poor leadership there, there were good times when we gathered on-board her, did strip trips, had a reunion and more.  So it has been good and we owe Admiral Gurdeniz a deep debt of gratitude.

The USS ORLECK DD 886 is presently at a temporary berth in Lake Charles and we have been advised that there are plans to move her onto the Lake sometime in 2013 or 2014.   We will try to keep you updated in the future through the forum so please check in there once in awhile.


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  1. I am trying to find out if my father was on the uss gyatt during Korean War. Any ideas how to do this? He passed 15 yrs ago. Served in Navy as yeoman Ronald Lewis

  2. wish to talk to crew members 1968-1970

  3. I walked the decks of the USS Orleck last September after attending the last reunion of the USS Gyatt in Baton Rouge. There were a lot of similarities and just as many differences in the ships configurations. I met Ron Williams, the museums director, and entrusted him with some of the materials and history books about the USS Gyatt to be included in the museum as part of the Gearing Class collection. I want to encourage all of my shipmates to help support the USS Orleck Museum. We have a vested interest. I will make another trip to Lake Charles sometime soon.

  4. nice to see the ol girl is still afloat. i spent 2yr 6 months on her, started as a seaman ,moved on to engineering, engineman, and part of a-gang. was homeported out of tacoma wash. enjoyed cruising the puget sound, straits of juan de fuca, bc coast as well as down to diego lng beach etc. went to juneau alaska. great place to be on a boat.mazatlan mexico was a blast, except for a case of montezumas revenge the kept most of the crew in line to the head on the way back to tacoma…lol. any old buds out there,drop me a line. i live in nb canada now,work as a broadband tech for rogers communications. cheers,to you mr orleck for keeping this going.

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