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  1. I was stationed on the USS Rogers DD-876 in Portland OR.
    DESRON 37. I remember the times we were up in Washington
    with the rest of the squadron during training.
    Iain Turriff BT2, 1/75 – 7/79.

  2. Had the chance to speak with Bob Orleck last week. He was calling as a check of the Crewmembers List because it appeared I was reported deceased. After a lengthy chat to affirm that I truly was alive we talked about life on Orleck. This was my first ship and I served aboard from 1965-67 as an IC man. To make a long story short I reported to Bob that after 26 1/2 years of Naval service, and a number of ships, that Orleck was my fondest duty station. === In 2010, while traveling across the States on Rt.10 in our motorhome, my wife and I stopped to see Orleck, which was moored along the banks of the Lake Charles river (?). Since we had no plans to hurry along we decided to take a week to do volunteer work aboard the ship. What a fun time and it certainly brought back a lot of great memories of shipmates and ports visited. If any of you Shipmates have the chance, please make a visit and a donation…

    • Hi Rom, Nice to see you here, I do remember you as you were from western MA as I recall. I was from Worcester myself. I was an MM in main control at the time.

  3. I would like to get in contac with paul Jackson orleck crew member 1968- 1970

  4. Sm3 served 67 to71, dont see my name. I am looking for James Franklin same time period.

  5. Hi,
    I just came across my Father’s certificate for crossing the Equator 2/28/1958 — 3/1/1958! I have scanned it and would love to provide it to you. (I have sent separate emails.) I believe Dad as either a PO1 or 2, likely Quartermaster or Signalman during his time on the USS Orleck. I previously contacted you and you were gracious enough to allow me to post based on my childhood memories. How sweet it is to find verification that Dad was aboard! Anyway, thanks for all you do!

    • I don’t recall getting a copy of your father’s certificate. My computer crashed and I lost some information so if you want to email a copy to me at, I will post it either to our Facebook page or the website.

  6. Not sure if this is the correct place, but I am one of 3 sons of DESRON 37s Commander, 76 thru 79, Jack Allen. (John B).
    One of his personal “highs”, of his career with the USN, was this assignment. He would be proud to see Orleck’s continued following, and Interest.
    My father sadly passed May, 2015, followed by his Wife, Carolyn, a short 2 months later.
    He, they, are dearly missed.
    Wesley Allen

    • Hi Wesley:

      I approved your post for the site. I am the nephew of the namesake, Lt. Joseph Orleck, of the USS ORLECK and I do the website and have done reunions for the men for 23 years. I tried to find your father’s name on our roster but he is not there. We had to search out each of her men and we only found 2200 of the over 4000 that served aboard her. If you know he served on USS ORLECK, I will add im to the Memorial Roster and we will mention his name at a Memorial Service at each reunion. Let me know and I will take the necessary action. I would like the years he served aboard USS ORLECK and what his rate/rank was when he left. If you don’t know that, let me know as well. I sounds as if he did and I am glad you found us.

      Bob Orleck

  7. Last Month there was a reunion in Lake Charles, LA with the WG Div. from the 68 to 70 deployment.
    Turned out to be a great gathering. Spent time on the ship and at the Golden Nugget Hotel in Lake Charles. For me it was great again to see Steve Davis, Dave Waterman, Bill Blush, Russ Freel, Dennis Cantwell, but very special to see Larry McConnell after 46 yrs. and Paul Jackson after 44 plus yrs.It is a time that will be treasured. Sure hope this will happen again. Thanks to Steve and Bill for a Great Time.

    Bob Labbe
    1968 to 1972

  8. I served on the USS Orleck in 1957-58 we took part in Operation Hardtack Nuke proving grounds.

  9. I was a very good ship.I was one it mini time.from San Diego calf to Tacoma step dad was on it for about 10-15 years.thank you.Charles McCloud.
    From 1972-1976 them we moved to great lakes. Illinois.

  10. My father, who is deceased, said he was stationed aboard the USS Orleck during Viet Nam. How can I validate this?

    Thank you in advance.

    • Please send his full name and any information you can about him and I will provide you with what information we have on him. You can email this to Bob Orleck

    • To Dennis A Burns Jr. Remember Your Dad, as I served on the Orleck from Nov. 1968 to June 1972.
      He was a nice Guy. Sorry to hear he passed away.

      Bob Labbe
      USS Orleck 1968-1972

      • Thank you for the reply Bob. I was having a hard time trying to find him in any of the cruise books. Do you remember his rate/rank?

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