USS Orleck Bar Harbor Mini-Reunion Signup




Destroyer USS ORLECK DD 886 Association Bar Harbor Mini-Reunion (Sept 22, 23, 24, 2015)

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Registrations on-line are by unique email addresses.  For example if you have guests you are bringing they would register using their own email.  You could not put in their name and use your email because the system would recognize that email as being you.  If a guest is staying in your room then you can include them in your reservation with your email just as you would your spouse.  In such a case indicate the number of guests and their name(s) in the space provided. In such a case you would be the name registering and I would make an administrative entry that would assure they are accounted for.  If your guests are residing in a separate room then they would have to submit a separate registration.  Any problems with that or if the guest does not have an email you can have them send a registration by mail with the information that is asked for on our on-line form or they can just call Bob at 802-728-9806 and he will register for them when they are on the phone.

The registration process is a very simple one.  Just fill in the information below and submit.  I have been able block some rooms for the periods before the reunion dates and after for the same $119 rate.  If you are requesting extra days before or after the reunion then it might be wise to check with if you are booking airline flights to make sure you can  be accommodated before you book.  If you do come in early or stay late, the breakfasts that are a part of your registration are not covered for the early arrivals or late stays.  The breakfasts provided by your registration occur on the 23rd, 24th and 25th of September.

IMPORTANT Note:  After you fill out the form, the website will send you an email at the email address you listed and you need to confirm as it requests.  Once you do that the data will come to the Association for processing.  If you do not do that I will not know you have registered until I receive your check and at that point I would need to contact you to find out why you weren’t registered on-line.

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