USS ORLECK DD 886 Memorial Roster


The On-Line Memorial Roster is dedicated to those deceased who have served our nation in the USS Orleck DD-886 during her years of commissioned service in the US Navy: 15-Sep-1945 to 01-Oct-1982. The Destroyer USS Orleck DD-886 Association will endeavor to maintain the accuracy of the information that is provided in the roster related to each individual listed.  Others may be included on this Memorial Roster who have provided special service to the ship and the men.

Our Heavenly Father, we give thanks for Your Blessings that You have bestowed upon all who have served in the USS Orleck. We commend the On-Line Memorial Roster to the ministry of Your Holy Spirit as it ministers to the body, soul, and spirit of all who shall view it. May all remember our fallen shipmates during the times of their service and during the reunions that they were blessed to attend. We who remain shall join our fellow shipmates in but a short time for the Lord knows that day when He shall call each of us into Eternity. I ask this things in Your Blessed Name, Lord Jesus, which makes all things possible. Let Your Will be done. Amen.

Joe Correia, Chaplain


Last NameFirst Name
Eisenhower Howard A.
Elliott George M.
Elwell Thomas L.
Emde John W.
Emfield Ron
Eppen Eugene P.
Erickson Albert B.
Ertle John D.
Evans Henry
Evans Robert E.
Faddis James M.
Federighi Alfred
Feldman Richard
Fields Robert L
Filion Paul
Filkins Don Norman
Fletcher Larry M.
Flora James W.
Folks Miles
Fontan Bobby R.
Fontenot Meeker H.
Forgione James J.
Forrest Glenn E.
Fowler Jr. Landrum
Fox Cyril